August 2023 Blue Moon Forecast: Magic, Boredom, and Harmony (Public)

Alignment with the magic of nature gives way to feelings that nothing else measures up. In the end though we learn to work with both experiences.

A forecast for the coming lunar cycle, this column comes out every full moon.

Queen of Pentacles

It appears that we start off this lunar cycle with a profound sense of the magic of nature and the strength we derive from it. We don’t just work with that magic, we join with it, letting it flow and bring fruitfulness and abundance to all aspects of our lives including physical, sexual, and spiritual.

We believe in this magic. We trust in it. And our belief and trust in the magic of nature engenders a trust and belief in ourselves.

IV of Cups

After our encounter with all of that magic we may experience a lull during which we perceive the rest of our world as flat and boring, or that nothing else feels exciting or worth our time. I offer that the danger, or rather the risk, in maintaining this perception is that we may miss a new opportunity being offered to us, one which may well lead to joy and fulfillment. We may find that changing our outlook from one of apathy to receptivity is all that is needed to enable ourselves to recognize the divine gifts being offered to us.

VII The Chariot

The appearance of The Chariot indicates to me that we will be able to make that change. The Chariot signals power and victory. It also indicates working with opposing polarities, not to resolve or neutralize them, but to get them pulling in the same direction. For example, in this case, we may recognize that we can work with both the experience of nature’s magic flowing through us, and the experience of the world seeming flat and uninspired. To work with both indicates to me, a sense of wisdom. Perhaps in the moments of magic we take action while the moments of boredom allow for reflection. We may find the dynamism of these polarities quite helpful in moving us powerfully toward achieving our goals.

Another thought to consider: It has been said that complete receptivity is the secret to a powerful will. If we are out of phase with nature and ourselves, we may find it difficult to effect change. The more we are receptive to the forces moving in nature, society, and ourselves, however, the more aligned we are, the more powerfully we can achieve our goals and facilitate change in the world. Then it feels like running with the wind at our backs.

I wish you well on your journeys.



Nik Schulz is a writer and Tarot practitioner.

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