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Tarot Sessions FAQ

How can the Tarot be helpful?

I view working with Tarot as a practice of inquiry, of shining a light into the places we struggle, the places we feel challenged, onto the things we’re working through. By pulling cards and viewing them as answers to the questions we ask, we may be guided. Where does this guidance come from? I perceive it as coming from spirit, and more specifically, from our higher selves.

What is the Tarot?

The Tarot is a group of archetypes that offer keys or mirrors showing aspects of ourselves and our world (for example: motherhood, nature, society, ego, joy, sorrow, hard work, reaping rewards, fate, and so on).

The Tarot is composed of two different sets of archetypes: the Major Arcana, which relates to the mind, body, spirit, and our journey through the great mystery, and the Minor Arcana, which relates to the day-to-day aspects of living. The Minor Arcana’s cards fall into four groups, or suits: Wands (action, passion, desire), Cups (emotion), Swords (thought and conflict), and Pentacles (money, work, and the material world).

What is my role in the session?

My role in this work is to be an interpreter, to interpret how the cards we pull from 78 keys of the Tarot (or in my case 80, because I read with three Magicians in the deck) apply to the questions that you bring. In this way I connect people with their higher selves.

How can you integrate the work we do in session?

I recommend taking notes during the reading and reviewing them afterwards. You may then find it helpful to meditate on the message or meditate on the cards that were drawn as a way to integrate the experience.

How long have I been working with the Tarot?

I started working with the Tarot in 2010. I felt curious about what all of the archetypes and symbols represented in the cards meant. It felt to me like learning an esoteric language, a language through which spirit could speak. It also felt to me like the Tarot held keys to the nature of existence and being.

After having worked with symbols and keys in the Tarot for so many years, perceive both of those things to be true.

Why do I do this work?

I find so much joy, meaning, and satisfaction in being of service to people as they navigate life’s challenges. I see how comforted, supported, and moved people are by the guidance they receive. It feels amazing to be able to offer, through the cards, an answer to any question and guidance for any challenge. I feel so grateful to be on that bridge with clients, the bridge between the material and spiritual worlds.

What’s the difference between a Tarot reading and a session?

I call them sessions because they feel like more than just readings. It’s a time to be in session with a client and talk about what’s moving for them, to dive deep, to accompany them as they move to the heart of what is alive.

How are sessions different from pulling cards on one’s own?

Reading cards on one’s can certainly be helpful. I also hear that many clients benefit from help in framing questions and from me reflecting back what I see and hear. They feel I offer a depth and outside perspective that they wouldn’t get on their own. In this way clients feel accompanied and supported .

I look forward to working with you.

If you have questions, I invite you to book a free, 15-min. discovery call with me to see if working with the Tarot, and me, might be a fit.

Session Locations, Lengths, and Rates

Sessions take place on Zoom or at the Healing Arts Center on Orcas Island.

Free discovery call

Take a few moments for a short call with me to learn more about the Tarot and my process so you can see if a Tarot session might be a fit.

A 25-minute session is $45

This is enough time for a quick or relatively simple question like: “How would it be for me to make choice A or choice B?” or “What’s the most important thing for me to know about this situation?”

A 55-minute session is $80

This is enough time to get into some depth. Most readings fall into this category. For example, we could do a Compass Arrow reading with one card showing the recommended direction in which to head (whether in career, relationships, or something else) and two flanking guards showing the “guard rails,” the directions to steer clear from. We could also do an expanded Compass Arrow which, in adds two cards showing what is recommended in order to support of the recommended direction.

Another reading we could do in this time frame is a Decision Tree. This reading shows the current situation and near, medium, and longer term view for both Paths A and B of a decision.

An 85-minute session is $120

In about an hour and a half we can dive deeply into a question. Examples of a reading of this sort would be a free form reading in which we pull cards based on a series of questions. That might look like, “How would it be to head in direction A? How would it be to head in direction B? How would it be to head in direction C? What is the recommended direction? Could you clarify that? What’s the most important thing for me to be aware of in making this choice? How it would be for me to head in direction D? What would the long term result of that be?” And so on, until a clear path is found.