Consciousness Advisor

I’m interested in partnering with people and organizations doing this kind of work.

My ideal job:

Consciousness advisor / thought leader

My ideal role:

To invite companies and organizations to know themselves (their rational, emotional, and spiritual selves), and to know those around them, so that they might recognize the unity of all beings, as well as their role in, and interdependence with, that unity

To then invite those companies and organizations into transforming themselves and the human and natural systems in which they function, in order to bring about environmental sustainability, spiritual fulfillment, and social justice for all

To do this not by focusing on the problems that need to be fixed but by shifting the underlying thinking and limiting awarenesses that cause these problems in the first place

To do this through an examination of their values, principles, and practices 

To do this through meditation, subconscious journeying, emotional attunement, community-emotional processes like Zegg Forum, to uncover why they act, what meaning they make of their existence, and to what higher purpose they offer themselves 

To do this through altered state experiences like medicine journeys so as to invite those in the organization into direct connection with unity