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Tarot Readings
Nik Schulz in 2022

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Session Locations, Lengths, and Rates

Sessions take place on Zoom or in person on Orcas Island.

25-minute session, $25–$50 sliding scale

This is enough time for a single question and a bit of follow-up.

55-minute session, $50–$100 sliding scale

This is enough time to get into some depth. Most readings fall into this category.

85-minute session, $75–$150 sliding scale

In about an hour and a half we can dive deeply into a question.


Hi Nik! I wanted to reach out with a big thank you for the reading. It gave us the confidence to do all the things. We bought the house and my partner quit his job. We made the leap. Now I'm traveling for the winter with the kids. My partner is still at home working but we are figuring out how we can be together and the house is a huge asset. Just so you know, it's all working out! We really needed that nudge of “It might be hard but it's all going to work out.” So thank you, thank you, thank you. Big love!
LP, Washington

Thank you so much for meeting me today, that was a really important reading for me to get, and it’s definitely a good guide for where I need to look and where I need to heal.
I really felt your care and presence with me as well. A natural talent in you for sure. Gratitude
DD, Washington

My response to DD:

I offer gently to consider replacing the idea of "need" with the idea of "invitation." That way the path is one you can take, if you choose, not something the cards, or you, are compelling yourself to do. To me that feels more like free will and less like control. Just a thought! 😊☺️ Wishing you a wonderful journey of joy and love and discovery!


I am SO BLESSED to have you in my life. Seriously.
RM, California

I loved the reading with you!…
LC, California

I was initially a little skeptical about tarot readings but, after my first reading with Nik, my perspective changed. The readings that Nik has done for me have been incredibly insightful and a great way to explore issues in my life through symbolism and metaphor. Not only is Nik very knowledgeable about the cards and their symbolism, he is also a great listener.
Sam M., WA

Working with me FAQ

Who am I?

I was born in Germany, grew up in the Midwest, studied design in California, spent many years living in San Francisco and Sonoma county, and have lived on Orcas Island  since 2016 with my partner, Natalie. My partner Jenna enjoys visiting. We are all polyamorous.

In my late twenties (about 25 years ago) I began a fascination with archetypes, mystery, and mythology. I soaked up interviews with Joseph Campbell, read Rilke and Kahlil Gibran. The fascination is still strong and I’ve followed it into work with the Tarot, a collection of archetypes, or keys, for understanding ourselves and our world.

I love spending time with partners and friends, exploring the islands by boat, exploring the forests by truck, reading, drawing (I used to be an illustrator), and weaving the warp and weft of community.

What is my view of Tarot?

I see the Tarot as a path to connection with higher consciousness that enables us to better understand ourselves, and others, in order to foster deeper relationships with both.

Who do I serve and with what issues?

I work with clients who find themselves at inflection points in their lives or relationships, and are open to receiving guidance from their higher selves and positive guides. I work with those who are curious, inquisitive, and often those who are also interested in building and serving community.

What is the premise of Tarot?

On its face, working with the Tarot is forming and asking questions, pulling cards, and viewing the archetypes, there depicted, as answers. On a deeper level, I view the process as one of asking higher consciousness to shine a light into the places we struggle or feel unclear. The guidance we receive helps us see the situation more clearly.

Why am I credible?

I’ve been working with the Tarot since 2010 and have interpreted guidance with hundreds of people. There is no certification board for Tarot that I’m aware of. Working with a Tarot practitioner, I feel, is a follow-your-heart thing. If we meet, and the connection resonates, I’d love to work with you. If it doesn’t, that’s totally OK. Perhaps then I can recommend another practitioner or perhaps even another modality that might feel like a better fit.

What is the value of working with the Tarot?

Unlike working with a therapist, the Tarot offers an opinion and guidance for how to proceed. I believe that opinion comes from our higher selves, from a place of knowing greater than we have access to in this plane of existence. As such, it is, in my view, quite valuable.

What is the guidance?

In Tarot, guidance comes in the form of cards (representing archetypes) drawn in answer to client’s questions. Once the cards have been drawn, Nik works with clients to interpret the insights, and paths forward, that have been offered.

For example, if the question were, “What guidance does my higher self have for me regarding this next phase of my life?” the answer could be in the form of a five-card spread in which one card represents the suggested direction, two cards represent ways of being that support that direction, and two further cards represent guardrails to avoid so as to not veer off the path.

What’s my side of the bargain? What’s yours?

I will accompany you in this inquiry, hear from you where you’ve been, what you’d like guidance on, and help you form questions in order to clearly receive that guidance. Then I will interpret the answers that come through the cards, and offer you my view of how they apply to your query.

I ask that you come to our sessions with an openness, an inquisitiveness, and a willingness to be guided by your higher self or positive guides. You don’t even need to know your question in advance. We can form them in session and ask follow-ups as we go.

Further Questions

If you have further questions, I invite you to book a discovery call with me to see if working together might be a fit.