Nov./Dec. Full Moon Tarot Forecast: Joy and Self Trust Face Difficulty in Love (Public)

This lunar cycle starts off with joy, celebration, and optimism, which blossoms into a deep connection with nature and self but then faces difficulty in love and relationships.

Here’s my interpretation for what Spirit offers for the coming lunar cycle starting on November 27th.

IV of Wands

This lunar cycle appears to start off in a place of joy. Here we see fiery optimism, joy, and celebration together. We have left a defensive situation behind and are carried along by love and our belief in a bright future, free from clouds of trouble.

Queen of Pentacles

With that sense of joy we appear to arrive at a profound sense of the magic of nature and the strength we derive from it. We don’t just work with that magic, we join with it, letting it flow and bring fruitfulness and abundance to all aspects of our lives including physical, sexual, and spiritual. 

We believe in this magic. We trust in it. And our belief and trust in the magic of nature engenders a strong sense of self awareness, a trust and belief in ourselves, and an experience of love and unity with the world. I offer that this trust in ourselves is very important.

IV The Lovers, reversed

After this experience of alignment with nature, joy, and self awareness, we appear to run into difficulty with weakness and blocks having to do with love. Perhaps we find ourselves beset with romantic or sexual problems with a partner. Or perhaps we find love itself to be problematic. Are we engaging in fantasies that don’t lead anywhere? Do we carry unreal expectations about love? 

I invite you to connect with your feelings about your relationships and/or your feelings about love itself. What did you feel earlier in the lunar cycle while the previous two Tarot cards were at play? Do your current feelings match the ones from earlier in the cycle? If not, what needs are not being fulfilled? And what requests might you make of yourself and others in order to get your needs met?

I wish you well on your journeys. 



Nik Schulz is a writer and Tarot practitioner.