Website Design + Maintenance, Graphic Design

I offer web design and maintenance for sites on Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, and other platforms. I enjoy creating well-designed, professional sites that make it easy for client’s customers to interact with their business. I also do backend product organization and management to help logistics run smoothly.

I’ve been a design professional for 25 years, many of which I spent as an editorial illustrator. I create your logo, business identity, infographics, print and social media communications.

Here are examples of sites I’ve worked on. I’d be happy to discuss your project with you.

Evolution Wellness

This is a client website, shop, and Acuity-linked booking site for an herbalist and reiki practitioner. I did a major refresh on this site to make it easier to use and bring the look up to date.

I’ve been working with Nik on my website & it has been a great experience. Highly recommend him. 🙌 🌟 🙌

~Cynthia Spencer, Evolution Wellness

Forest Ceramic Co.

I did a major revamp on the backend of the Forest Ceramic site to improve and automate product organization and improve the navigation experience for the site’s visitors, who are now able to shop products by color, collection series, and form.

Loving what’s been done on the site. Thanks so much for everything you did!!

~Sean Roberts, Forest Ceramic Co.

Emerald City Doulas

I worked with Seattle-based Emerald City Doulas to decrease their page-load times by installing caching and image-size optimization plugins.

Nik helped me out with a website that I'd neglected... he cleaned a bunch of things up, decreased our page load time, and moved us back up in search ranking!! It was lovely to work with someone local. 😀

~Paula Gustafson, Emerald City Doulas 

Horizon Expander Kaleidoscopes

I worked with Allan and Darcey from Smart Toy Revolution to create a logo for their Horizon Expander kaleidoscopes which use mobile phone screens as their visual source material. The logo was inspired by compass roses on antique maps.

Nik, thank you for helping Allan Rosato and me with our logo design for the Horizon Expander Kaleidoscopes! We absolutely love it, and it was such a pleasure to work with you! We also appreciated how quickly you were able to jump into our project. We'll let you know when we need more design/website work from you. Many thanks! 😊

~Darcey Miller, Smart Toy Revolution

The Intermodal Spirit

The Intermodal Spirit is a magazine/blog website I built on the platform Ghost to feature my writing and be a news source for The Leaping Fool, a literary event I co-host with the magazine Source paper.

Nik Schulz Illustration

This is a portfolio site for my automotive illustration.

Two Hands Furniture

This was my former furniture design, construction, and storefront site which I built from scratch on Squarespace.

Juvitra Consulting

This was a site I created for my Tarot consulting practice before I built The Intermodal Spirit. This site was also built from scratch on Squarespace and linked to Calendly for bookings.