Apologies (Public)

“The Intermodal What?” you may be saying... It certainly has been barren on the site as far as new posts go. I apologize for not writing more regularly.

When I started this site I had visions of it becoming the way I made my income. That hasn’t come to fruition yet. Maybe I was naive? As it became apparent last fall that The Intermodal Spirit wasn’t going to pay my bills, I scrambled to figure out another way that would. And I lost the steam to post. I’m building and maintaining websites now. Very practical! And actually enjoyable.

And still I feel called to you dear reader, and to offering you posts invite thought, reflection, and the resonance of raised awareness.

If you’re still hanging in there as a subscriber to this site, thank you. I will try to get on a regular schedule posting schedule again.

And, if you ever have feedback about the site, or things you’d like read about, I’d love to hear from you.

Wishing you all well,