The Intermodal Spirit offers writing that attempts to shine a light, to illuminate paths through the challenges that we all face in life.

I offer two main newsletters and one occasional one:

On Exploring: The St. Agnes Journal (multiple dispatches / month): In 1999 I was a designer in San Francisco and felt like a cog in a giant corporate machine making waste and contributing to global warming. So that fall I left the city, and a nascent dot-com bubble, behind to go live on a mile-wide English island with a population of 70, to search for a new way of living.

Here’s a link to the first post: https://www.theintermodalspirit.com/introduction/

On Relating, On Being (every two weeks): Two sections of the site compiled into one newsletter, On Relating offers tools and ideas for improving communication and relationships. On Being offers tools and ideas for understanding our journey through this great mystery, Tarot, and the archetypical mind.

Intermodal Spirit News (occasionally): News about the site and notice of shop sales when they come up.

Praise for The Intermodal Spirit

“I am in awe. It seems you are sharing a story about a young man’s time on a hunk of land in the Atlantic. But really, for me at least, you share the edges and contours, paths and contents, of the island that you are.”
J.C., British Columbia, Canada
“I have benefited from these inspiring and entertaining posts—they always improve my day. You write in such an authentic voice with a healthy balance of wisdom and humility. Thank you for publishing this.”
S.S., Washington, USA
“I look forward to your posts. They’ve become a part of my evenings. I really enjoy reading them. Your writing has such nice turns of phrase.”
L.B., Washington, USA
“I love the Intermodal Spirit and your adventure stories. They’re a fun read, and so descriptive. It’s almost as good as being there!”
S.L., California, USA

Why do I charge for subscriptions? I subscribe to the idea that everyone’s free will is paramount. I write about things that may change or otherwise influence your life. And I’m not here to convince anyone of anything. I’d like you to read ideas here because you’d really like to receive them. To receive them in a “I just stumbled across this site” way, or in a “I just signed up for free” way could skirt free will and prove problematic down the line. If there’s one way to tell the Universe, “Yes—I really want to read and support this stuff,” it’s by paying for a subscription.

If you sign up for free, I, of course, I welcome you. It’s a nice, chit-chatty way to get to know the site and the writing, mostly my own, occasionally from guest contributors. I make about 20% of the content on the site public. If you’d like to get to the heart of things though, I invite you to subscribe. :)

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The St. Agnes Journal: A Catapult

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When you fight fair, it’s not a fight anymore.

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Seeing the Tarot as a path to enlightenment and map of the archetypical mind