August Full Moon Reading: The Gift of Love Leads to Generosity then Withdrawal (Public)

Full Moon forecast for August 2023

A column where I work with the Tarot to offer a forecast for the coming lunar cycle. The column comes out every full moon.

Ace of Cups
The Ace of Cups I read as the divine gift of love that underpins all life. It is this divine gift that gives life its joy and therefore its value. This gift of love is one we can receive with gratitude—it is not earned but given freely. It is also a gift we can give, if we view and approach everything in our life with love. I think it is this free giving and receiving of love that holds all life together. For without a web of  love, the world flies apart. Being held in this web love, in both receiving and giving, I believe, will be part of our experience this month.

IV of Pentacles (reversed)
Being on the receiving end of this infinite divine gift of love I think will put us in a generous mood. I can imagine a lot of material energy being released. We might gift money or resources and feel very good about doing so. This can give us a tremendous sense of freedom. It can also lead to us giving away so much that we aren’t able to hold our lives together and give them structure. Your results may vary. Where you land on this continuum, I imagine, will be up to you.

IV of Swords
After this burst of love and generosity our thoughts may lead us to withdraw, rest and recuperate. Perhaps all of this love and generosity will have touched something within us that wants to heal. In that case withdrawal and recovery will be a welcome response. After some time, after we feel refreshed and renewed, we may find that we are again awakened by a give of love.

I wish you well on your journeys.



Nik Schulz is a writer and Tarot practitioner.

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