Full Moon Forecast: Leaving Leads to Freedom (Public)

A less-than-satisfying situation left behind leads to new freedom and openness

Here’s my interpretation for what Spirit offers for the coming lunar cycle starting on October 28th.

VIII of Cups

In the early part of this cycle you may find that the time has come to leave some situation. This situation, whatever it is, may still provide you with some level of joy. Yet you may sense that the time has come to go before the whole thing comes crashing down around you. As you leave, you might take some time to focus inward. The card here shows an eclipse, which is such a time. It’s interesting that we just had an eclipse on the full moon today!

What is it that you really want? How can you move from a less meaningful situation to a more meaningful one? 

This card combines action with intuition. You may find that you move both toward a better understanding of yourself and toward a situation that is less vague and more concretely that which you desire. 

0 The Fool

Ah the Fool! This card is the very beginning of the Major Arcana. All possibilities are open and nothing is yet manifested. And yet you may find that you’ve made a decision, one based on love, on pure joy, on following your bliss without a care for where it leads. This is leaping courageously into some new phase of life, not through careful planning, but through optimism, and by trusting your deep inner knowing.

IX of Wands, reversed

You may find that this leads you to a place where you’ve given up your defensiveness. How much energy did it take to be on guard, to be ready to take on the conflict indicated in the situation at the beginning of this cycle? Perhaps the defensiveness stemmed from old wounding. But now, no more. You are free. How good does it feel not to have to be on guard all the time? Yes, it is a risk to give up your defenses. And I hope that you find that this new and different approach, along with the love, forgiveness, and healing that accompany it, offers great rewards. 

I wish you well on your journeys. 


I am a writer and Tarot practitioner. 
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